Who We Are

Saurabh Ambekar
Representative director, ISM Japan K.K. (代表取締役 ISMジャパン株式会社)
Saurabh Ambekar founded this venture in November 2009 to help companies build their IT infrastructure by understanding their business needs. He is a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Pune University. He has worked with reputed companies and clients including Sony, Toshiba, NTT DoCoMo and few other clients from US and Japan. He also completed his advanced diploma in Japanese language from Indo-Japanese Association, Pune.
Having worked in Japan for around 5,6 years and having worked with Sony for around 3 years, has helped him gain insights regarding this niche Japanese market.
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Neha Ambekar
Neha officially joined ISMCorp in April, 2011 and since then has been involved in various roles including Business analyst, Direct sales and project coordination. Prior to joining ISMCorp, she worked in reputed global organizations like Bank Of America, Morgan Stanley and Tata Consultancy Services.
She is Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from Pune University and has completed advanced diploma in Japanese language from Indo-Japanese Association, Pune.

Kenichi Nishimura
Director - ISM Japan K.K (ISMジャパン株式会社)
Nishimura san, who is like a senior advisor and mentor to us, is supporting ISMCorp to establish its operations in Japan. He has decades of experience in different businesses with different countries. At present, apart from being a director in ISMCorp, he is also a president of Biobase Japan and is involved in other businesses as well.

Kazuhiko Fukada
Fukada san, having worked in IT/Software industry for more than 25 years brings his experience and expertize in almost all business areas to ISMCorp. He has 7 years experience managing successful international projects on software technology transfer at Japanese IT Company, 6+ years of experience of bridging communication gaps in between customer and engineer to ensure the project move successfully. He has Excellent communication skills with people from different cultures and departments, and good negotiation skill with Business partners. He has experience in Project management utilizing international project management standards and leading large multicultural teams.
Recently, he has been involved in various Eco/Green businesses with different countries.